04 GP GTP CompG. Since I've gotten the car around 8 months ago I've changed plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, fuel pump about a week ago, and serviced all the fluids. 2 days ago I was driving the car it was running fine, I stopped it and got back in at 10 minutes later and started it and it was missing really bad so I pulled the plug wires at the coils and checked spark and there was no spark coming from the bottom coil, I believe it's 1 and 4. I switched it out with another known good coil and still no spark. So I went to the junkyard and got an ignition module and put it on but now when it first starts and it's cold it runs great, but about 10 minutes in when it's hot it starts dying every time you go to stop and it misses real bad ike cuts out really bad. There and hold the break in the gas at the same time to keep it running and watch the tech jump up and down up and down real heavily.. I thought maybe I got a bed ICM so I went back to the junkyard and got another one and that does the same thing but if I put the original iCM back on and it's only running on four cylinders it doesn't do that but it misses because it's only running on four cylinders. But it's constant and doesn't die, and the engine dont surge up and down.
Any ideas where to go from here? ike I say the fuel pump is only about a week old but I did run it low on gas once. I don't have a tester yet to check pressure but will soon. And the only codes were for the coolant temp below threshold, and one about 3x circuit. I forget the exact codes I'll get them the next time I scan it thanks for the help guys