First, just to get this part out of the way, I know a lot of people hate on bra's for several reasons and I already know allllll the negative things people are going to say about them, so no need to tell me. Just looking for helpful info here. My front bumper looks like crap and I don't want to hunt around for a new bumper anymore and I don't want to deal with a paint shop. I would just like to get a nice fitting bra and be done with it. I also do a lot of road trips and don't want to worry about rock chips on fresh paint. Just hoping somebody here can recommend a bra they know fits right, brand name, price, pics, and how long it took to get once ordered. The only bra I found for sale with an actual pic of it on a Grand Prix was from an amazon customer in the reviews and its the Covercraft La bra and it looks like typical cheap china junk. I did see random pics of good quality fitting bra's on Grand Prixs searching on google, but they weren't for sale. I know nice fitting bra's are out there for my car but I don't know if those bra's are still available new. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a nice used one. Anybody here know of a good quality bra available or have a good one for sale?