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    Hey everybody it's been a long time! I no longer have the Impala but still creep the forum time to time, saw the track sessions and kill forum is kinda dead so I thought I would throw this up.

    So this was at my local track last summer. My mods on the accord at the time was intake,j-pipe and custom 91 octane tune.
    Mods on gxp unknown... Exhaust was loud lol.

    1st race I won, I pulled roughly a car length ahead and VERY Slowly walked away. By the end of the qtr mile maybe 1.5 lengths ahead.

    2nd and 3rd race. Immediately I noticed a different driver So I figured he must be better lol.
    So at launch he immediately he pulls a good car length maybe more. Once I finally get traction(all season tires.. I spin threw first and most of second) I start to very slowly catch up but never pass, I'd be at his rear doors.

    All my runs were 14.3-14.5 at 100-101 mph. I did roughly 15 runs so no sure which time slips would be him. My times would be better if the damn car could hookup lol

    This year I have some BFG comp 2 summer tires and my car is full bolt-on so if I can hookup I'm hoping lower 13's. I got a dash cam too so I can do some vids.

    3.8l N/A POWA! :4'' HAI\L67 HVTB\HV3\ER Rockers\WP underdrive pulley\Headers\cat delete\91 octane overkill incar tune.3.69 gears, Trans go shift kit.
    My Car:
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    GXP's are supposed to run 14.1 sec's in the 1/4, so the first guy must have been a new drag racer or something. I love my GXP but still haven't had it in the 1/4. it did run a 10.26 in the 1/8 at 7000 feet elevation.
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