I have one, recently tried to read a PCM from a 2003 Impala in order to flash to a new PCM as a replacement.

It read VIN OK, went to read and I get "unsupported Bin".
No problem, I still have the database update file... applied it, and...
STILL wont read bin, tried uninstalling and reinstalling countless times. Just wont go.
Yes I have framework and tis GM file or whatever installed.
Yes its a Windows XP laptop.

I even tried an "offboard" that I made 20+ years ago.

IIRC, The database update consisted of replacing a file in the powertuner folder in program files, and then double clicking on the registry file to update the registry.
Funny though, the powertuner will read and burn BIN's to my 2000 GP no problem.
Only thing I can think of is I am missing a step with the DB update, or I'm using software version 1.2.4, and I should be using 1.2.3e (which I don't have and cannot find on the net anywhere).
This powertuner used to work at reading EVERYTHING back in the day with the DB update. I could read any GP GA Impala Alero Century Regal.... What happened?
Is it worth messing with anymore? I can upload high res pics of the tuner board if someone wants to try and make an open source gerber file....

I donno. thoughts?

I'd really like to get the Impala's PCM swapped (driveability issues, bad TCC driver in the old PCM) if anyone has any thoughts on how to get the DB update to work.