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  1. The valve cover gaskets should be replaced regularly anyway. Spending $15 for nice Felpro gaskets, and taking the less than half an hour to change them out is cheap insurance against an engine fire. With how old the recall is, I'm honsetly surprised that GM is still issuing any kind of replacement.

    Take care of your car with maintnance, and you'll have nothing to worry about.
  2. Hey I just wanted to answer your question regarding replacing valve cover gasket vs building a shield. I read the actual detailed recall info @ the dealer & it specifically states to replace it. There was not 1 word about building a shield around it. So, I started calling all the dealers. All I did was give them the recall # & ask if they actually replaced it or if they did the shield & every single service rep ADMITTED that they build the shield! I was shocked, so I finally called Wayne Thomas Cadillac & GM & they read the recall instructions from GM & they ordered the parts, I went in the next day & had it fixed. My usual mechanic looked it over & verified that they did it by the book. The shield that they're putting on them are thin & poorly made, they can't withstand normal engine temps for less than a year & then it's going to have to be fixed right out of pocket.
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