Hi, guys! Name's Mike. About two years ago I picked up an 01 GT sedan with a GMPP front bar and about $900 worth of professionally installed stereo equipment for $300. The wife drove it until recently, when we got her a Yaris and I can finally drive and mess with the car I've wanted since high school! I've since done the LIM gasket (Fel-Pro, not the plastic garbage the last guy put in and left me with a bunch of headaches) and installed a Dorman upper.
It now is an oil change away from 150k miles.
The trans is still going, but the fluid is too far gone for me to bother with it. I've got a quietly tapping lifter, that hopefully a Seafoam treatment will fix and I should have thrown valve cover gaskets on while I was doing the LIM.
My goal is to make the car better in the range it's tuned for from the factory. I don't drive hard enough, to take advantage of mods that raise the RPMs of the power band. I daily it and believe it or not, am delivering pizzas with it until my little one is school age.
I'm looking for advice on some nasty rot I found behind my fender, but looks like it's fixable. I have to pull the fender on my donor, to get a good look at what it is.
Aside from that, I think I've found most of what I'm looking for in the various threads.
I look forward to interacting with you all and thanks for having me!