hey everyone ive had this car for a little over 8 years and have installed countless parts and kept it pretty well maintained for what i could and what it i got it at. i recently won a car from work that is much nicer and newer and with other projects going on in my life i believe this car will sit in my tiny driveway and not be much use.

that being said the reason I say parts car is it has 245k miles and the rust is taking over the frame also is sounds like an axle or wheel bearing is going as it has a really loud and deep hum when in motion. engine runs pretty smooth though and lots of new parts or upgrades from over that years that are pretty durable upgrades

car is on e85 and has a like new 255lph pump and canister in it along with the bigger injectors and fuel rail to fit an intercooler. fuel lines are like new only around 1k miles on them. also brake lines are only about a year old both got them off a junkyard car but were completely rust free when I got them and seemed to have a quality coating.

basically all of the suspension has been modified including nice strut tower braces only parts I would recommend tossing are the coil overs but all others were built to last. even engine mounts should be solid and are upgraded

ssic setup, nice fenderwell intake setup, Yella terra 1.9 rockers with upgraded springs and lifters, obd2 gauge that reads all kinds of info, speed daddy header, battery is less than 2 years old, light rim setup with 275/40/r17s, transmission cooler. probably some other smaller things i cant think of at the moment.

ill get some pictures posted later but just wanted to get this post written up first and see if there is any initial interest on here. ill be posting to FB groups as well and if I don't get any interest in a few months I will probably only remove parts I can and send it off to the junkyard

Drove to 4 different jobs and 4 different schools in this thing and really sad to let it go but its the right move for me going forward hopefully someone can benefit from what I put into it.

give me a price and maybe we can work something out if you are local you might be able to get it home but im not sure how far with the hum noise from the drivetrain.