Going through all the suspension threads for LCA's, sway bars, lateral arms, bushings etc. Went through the best recommendations and checked for what's still currently available in 2020 for us.

For the lower control arms I will be switching to the 97-03's style LCA's Dorman 520-167 and Dorman 520-168

For my front sway bar I'm going Dorman 927-100 with Moog K80814 sway bar bushing kit and Moog K700527 stabilizer bar link kit

For my rear sway bar I'm using Zzp 3800 bar with Moog K200318 Sway Bar Bushing Kit and Moog K6662 Stabilizer Bar Link Kit. Also got some BMR lateral arms.

I know everyone recommends the addco bar for the rear but for the price and the wait time, decided to downgrade a little.

The only prior suspension mods I have are both front and rear Zzp gen 2 strut tower braces and all around bc racing coilovers. I think that's all the worthy upgrades for handling. I don't know if I'm forgetting any parts. Open to suggestions.

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