I searched the forum and couldn't find anything. My problem is a few months ago my key fobs stopped locking the car but would unlock it. So i figured bad fobs so I ordered a new set and reprogrammed them with my tech 2 they programmed and everything was fine. Well that lasted about 2 weeks and they stopped I confirmed the fobs worked at autozone with that little rf thing and the light lit up. So figured maybe it's the box in between the two speakers on the rear deck so I replaced that and then again reprogrammed the keys and it worked for about 2 days... well once again the key fobs work and the little box in the rear deck work because the tech 2 shows that they are be registered but nothing is happening when the I push the button. Could the bcm be going bad? I'm at a lose but here we are in winter in pa and I'd like to figure it out lol