I had the L67 Monte Carlo SS out last night and lined up at a light with a Mustang GT. It was raining, and I knew I had no chance of getting any traction with the tires that are on it now in the wet, but I figured I'd goose it anyway just to rile up the guy in the Mustang. Spun it off the line and then backed off after the 1-2 shift to hang back and enjoy the show. He stayed in it and used up every inch of two lanes trying to keep in going in the right direction. Thankfully my lack of traction meant that when he entered my lane, I wasn't next to him to get hit. I even thought to myself beforehand that, especially in the wet, I didn't want to be next to a Mustang at full throttle doing Mustang things, lol. I'm older and know better now. The interesting part is, the speed limit there is 45 mph, and I'd be surprised if he made it to 40 before he stopped trying. I was maybe doing 25 when I got out of it. We both stopped at the next light and had a laugh. I don't think he's gonna try racing in the rain again anytime soon, thankfully. That road is NASTY when it's wet. Looks like glass.