just picked these up for a steal $520 shipped to my door including taxes

AVID.1 Wheels: AV-20 17x9 Machined Rims

picked up the flat black ones but same specs as this 17x9 +35 offset

less than 20lbs (19.8) and wide enough to fit a 255 on it and keep the tire shop people from telling you that you don't know what youre doing because your 20 years old and theyre 50 (that came from the heart haha).

want to put some 255/45/r17 continental DWS06 on them I just picked up a fender rolling tool but looking at the specs of the wheel and tire ill be just a little bit over 40lbs a corner which seems huge to me compared to my setup now which is probably over 50lbs per corner and 30mm less tire width per corner.

just want to see what everyone thinks about the tire size on a 9 in rim and if it will fit good for me on my lowered setup also if I should get the dws06 or look into something else