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    Keep them all registered. You can't take S10 off the road.
    I consider that when reading my posts.

    2010 Audi A6 Dual IC's
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    Well here's how things sit right now:
    1.) 2004 Silhouette - Wifes primary. Fits the whole family plus a couple extra when needed. Booooring
    2.) 1997 S10 - My primary. Fits me and one adult or two kids. Fun to drive but highly impractical.
    3.) 2006 2500HD - Backup. Rode hard and put away wet but super practical. Tows a car, hauls rock, and fits the whole family.

    The Regal would be number four. I can never imagine a situation where we would need all four ready to go within a very short amount of time. They all run and drive reliably and that's good enough for me. It's not really an issue of keeping them registered. The tags are already paid for so that money is gone regardless. The issue is the insurance cost. It's not a huge chunk, but there's money to be saved there. I can swap coverage around with a simple phone call if something comes up.

    Having said all that, here's my tentative plan...

    Wife continues to drive the minivan like normal. The 2500HD retains its place as the backup. I pull the insurance off the S10 and put it on the Regal. I drive that through the summer and make sure all the bugs are worked out as I do "minor" mods and maintenance. The S10 isn't a ton of fun to drive in the summer anyway. It's not up to its full potential in the insane heat. Anyhow, since that would just be sitting in the garage unused, that would be the perfect time to do some much needed upgrades. Almost certainly cam and valve springs, but that would also be a good time to toss the ported 243 heads on. Spare time and budget would dictate.

    By early fall the S10 should back together and I'd be confident in the Regals reliability. The minivan would go away and she could dailey the (now faster) Regal. The (now faster) S10 would be back on the road as my dailey. That's the plan anyway.

    Change my mind?
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