Purchased a salvage to rebuild 2005 Grand Prix base model. Someone cared for the engine as I see some thick red plug wires, upgraded wires to the positive, fuel pump and alternator.

The bad:

Has some damage but think can get parts from local salvage yard in same color if possible.

Small impact up front will need to replace bumper cover, styrofoam, the reinforcement.

Radio works, buttons are all washed out and hard to know what they were. I didn't realize was a recirculating function until pushed it.

When they used the forklift to get the car out to me they moved the boot from one of the axles. I saw grease and it was loose and it was definitely fresh. Never thought to look for that but luckily was a short drive home.

203K on the clock but series 3 started right up but I assume it will need the throttle body treatment !

Have to ask is the gas pedal feel a little weird or angled differently than most cars? Don't remember the last one feeling like this. Goes in fine but feels like I am moving the pedal in before leveling it to push my foot in, if that makes sense.