While visiting my local junkyard today I happened to find a 2005 GP that had a factory HUD. I was able to get the dash trim piece and HUD assembly out without breaking any of the plastic or clips and also ripped out the wiring harness from the HUD connector all the way to the center console connector and data bus splitter thing which wasn't easy. Unfortunately the center console itself was destroyed by someone else ripping out the back seat like a gorilla but I was able to get the HUD control switch and harness.

I believe I have the wiring part of it figured out since I unwrapped all the tape from the center console connector up and separated all the HUD related wires and taped them up neatly into a new harness. I'm going to de-pin the data wire and center console wires and insert them in my cars connectors which I think should work. Then I just have an orange and black with white wire which I believe are power/ground and I'm going to tap off the DIC which according to the wiring diagram I found is the same circuit and I'll be running right by it anyway.

My biggest concern is actually cutting in the HUD into the dash which kinda scares me. I wasn't able to find any detailed tutorials anywhere on here with pictures preferably showing the best way and best tools to do this in a 04+ GP. I took some pictures of the hole left in the car I harvested from and I can only guess that none of that will be in my car under the dash foam that covers that spot. I should be able to just carefully trace out the trim piece and cut the foam layer with a utility knife making sure to leave as much as possible as there ain't no going back if I mess it up. I'm really concerned with removing the hard plastic that I'm assuming will be under that. does anyone have any tricks to getting this done? also once the dash is cut will the mounting points for the two HUD bolts be in there? It sure would be nice if I could take the windshield out lol

How important/ what is the purpose of the foam weatherstrip/gasket that runs between the HUD dash trim piece and the windshield? When removing the trim it tore on me and I'm not sure if its worth trying to replace or not. I tried removing that same trim piece in another GP without the HUD and it tore on me again but in a different spot so maybe I could keep trying cars until I get one that doesn't rip and swap it onto my HUD trim.

I plan on pinning and splicing my harness I made in tomorrow and testing the HUD before cutting anything.