I have thinned the W-body herd, and now have more parts than cars. Location is Lynchburg OH 45142. Big items will need picked up from my shop. I posted pics to a Flickr account here:


Set of 5 polished 18 Eagle 077 wheels. Could use a re-polish. Had a couple of cracks repaired by The Wheel Doctor in Cincinnati. The extra wheel is bent, will need straightened. Come mounted with 245 45 18 Cooper Zeon tires with lots of tread depth remaining. Tires only have 22k miles on them, were purchased 11-10-17 from TireDiscounters for $869. Have receipts for proof. $950 pickup only.

Stainless SLP GTX exhaust. Came from a real GTX I parted years ago. Has a deep, mellow tone to it- it is not obnoxious, no drone etc. The flange corroded, so I replaced it with a stainless flange. Will bolt right up to the ZZP DP I have for sale. $300 pickup only

3 ZZP Catted Stainless DP. 22k miles. Looks like these are $215 plus shipping new. $125 plus shipping.

Racetronix Fuel Pump Hotwire. These are $70 new plus shipping. $50 shipped

Complete drivetrain from 99 Buick Regal LSE. 92k miles. $350 pickup