Back Story: I take my whole drum assembly to a transmission place just to get all the bearing replaced with the kit I have. Gets down to the input drum and the guy says he was just air testing it to see if I installed the seals correctly. Said 3rd wouldn't move with his air test. I used blue assembly goo for all seals and just sprayed transmission oil on the 3rd piston to check for leaks..

Transmission man said since I assembled the upgraded sonnax 3rd piston using Amsoil VI, it swelled up the lip seals and o rings and that I shouldn't use synthetic atf and should just use Dex III. Also said that over time Dex VI will kill seals faster causing clutches to burn up saying that the seals will swell. (I only heard that if water or antifreeze come in contact with the seals/o rings)

How true is this because its sounds a little fishy to me? I say that even more because this guy had my parts for a week now. Taking way too long. Tell me what you guys think. Appreciate the feedback in advance

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