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    A review I've read of the GXP says it got the 65E because the 80 E wouldn't fit. But the 80E fit in the 2nd generation Aurora with the N*, and that engine bay ain't any bigger than ours.

    So, what Grand Prix was the 60E in?
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    The 4T60e was in the early cars, like early to mid 90's and was stopped in 1997 I believe.

    Then it went to the non vacuum assisted 4T65e which was already installed in the more powerful supercharged cars on the mid to late 90's.

    All 1997+ 3800 powered and 5.3 powered Grand Prix's, Regals, Park Ave, Lucerne, Lacross, Lasabre, Bonneville have the 4T65e installed.

    Only the cars equipped with the northstar engine have the 4T80e as the main transmission.

    The 4T80 is a different animal, the shape is similar but enough different to not work with the 3800 and LS V8 engine. Bell housing size/bolt pattern and such came into play.

    The grand prix is also a different body code than the H body bonneville's and cadillacs that ran that transmission. The subframe/engine cradle and suspension were another reason they got that transmission.

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